How to Make Shoes Smaller | 5 Easy Methods You Need to Know

Is your shoe slipping out of your toe all the time? Do you find it hard to fix your bigger shoes and convert into the smaller one?

Well, this is one such ordinary problem which most of the peoples faces on daily basis and might hurt their foot as well. Apart from giving an uncomfortable feeling, the biggest shoes can also cause the hurdle of arch pain, blisters, or few more issues. This probably makes your mind think about a few of the best solutions with which you can shrink your shoes into a smaller size.

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How to Make Shoes Smaller – 5 Methods

Where we are explaining to you some of the methods of How to make shoes smaller. Let’s get into a quick discussion to make your walk a pain-free experience:

how to make shoes smaller

Piling up the Socks

The best approach would be to pile up the socks together with which you can give your shoes a proper fitting if they are too much loose. You should start wearing an extra pairing of socks to give the shoes proper balancing. If not too many, then try to look for the socks which are thicker in texture than the usual ones to fill out empty spaces.

Probably, this is the cheapest method you can go for as a home remedy. You will definitely have a pair of different socks in your house drawer. This might save you from the issue of moving out and buying some new socks. Hence, this is the best solution for all those who are merely trying to fix their aesthetic shoes or boots.

But this technique won’t work for the shoes which are open because in open shoes socks are not necessary to wear. In the summer season, it is not easy to wear too many socks. It starts getting sweaty which can get stinky with time.

Filling up the Empty Spaces

The next tip would be filling up the empty spaces! This method works best if you are in a hurry and want to do something in quick seconds. For this tip, you need cotton pads, toilet paper, or tissue paper. Using the old rag will also show great results where you can stick it over the empty spaces towards the shoe tip.

Hence, it will work best if you feel that your foot is sliding back and front all the time when wearing the shoes. It’s an easy solution that you can do in just a few seconds.

You can try this method over a flat pair of shoes or boots with extra space. For the close-toed heels, this technique will equally work best because the extra paper is not visible within the toes,

Start Investing in Insoles

One common choice which most of people for the bigger shoes is the use of shoe inserts. With the help of shoe inserts, you can easily fill all those spaces which are even across your shoes. And hence it will add extra support for the feet.

Here we will note that the insoles which you are buying are not for the lifetime. There will come a point when you have to replace them. If you want some longevity, try to avoid latex foam or gel insoles. These two materials will deteriorate very easily if you are using them for a longer time.

You should look for insoles that are made from Poron which is durable and long-lasting. Poron is generally used in orthotics due to its high durability and great comfort level. The reason why insoles are highly recommended is that you can use them in any sort of shoe.

Using Ball of Foot Cushions

The next way of how to make shoes smaller is the use of a ball of foot cushions! For some of the people, it is not comfortable at all to insert the full insole at the shoe bottom. It probably somehow make the shoe a bit smaller but not at all comfortable to wear for long hours.

The best solution would be using unique cushions which are designed to be located at the foot-ball within the shoe. This will give your shoe a better fitting and great comfort. Well, this solution will work best for such shoes which are too big for you as you insert the full insole into it. Cushions are generally available in various sizes, shapes, and colors which can even work best for high heels.

Stay Connected in Heel Strips

If you feel that your shoe is too big to handle, then using different cushion types is the best solution left for you. These cushions are entirely different from the ones which you will place at the ball area of your foot. You have to place these cushions right above your heel if the shoe feels a bit uncomfortable. As these strips have an adhesive side and are smaller, you can place them easily in any type of shoe.

Before you stick them into your shoe, you should give them a try and figure out if they are comfortable walking around with it or not. They can even cause the issue of blisters by locating them in the wrong position. You can use these strips for any shoe type due to their smaller size and the ability to get fitted into any loose space.


None of the solutions which we have discussed above for you is daunting or uneasy to follow. You just need to be careful about the cushions or the strips you are using just to make your shoes appear smaller. Make sure at the end of the day, they are making you feel greatly comfortable and easy to walk with for long hours.

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