How To Make Shoes Non Slip | Step by Step Guide

Are you frustrated from slippery soles that are the cause of your demise in public places? If yes, then we got you covered with some handy methods for non-slippery shoes. Now you don’t have to toss out your slippery pair of shoes.

With the rush increase in our daily life, we all have experienced a sudden slip and fall on greasy surfaces. One of the primary reasons is the deadly combination of slippery shoes and wet roads. Furthermore, these days people also tumble because they are not attentive enough while walking.

Don’t worry it won’t happen when you know how to make shoes non slip before going out. We will also give you some bonus tips to avoid sudden slip, trip, and fall on the ground with excellent and easy methods.

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Easy Methods For Making Shoes Non Slip

To walk confidently, a pair of non-slippery shoes is a must in your daily life. Not to forget, it protects you from possible injuries and future falls on the slippery floor. Now, if you are wondering how to make shoes non slip, then here we have picked up some valuable methods.

Apply Sandpaper

If you are tired of walking on rough paths and want to remove your boots sitting then sandpaper is the best answer to your problems. You can easily scuff the shoe’s bottom with the help of sandpaper.

Ultimately it will roughen the sole of your shoe and make it best for walking in slippery places. Interestingly, you only need few minutes to rub the shoe base with sandpaper. Specifically, 50 grits sandpaper works great in scuffing the shoe.

Use Traction Spray

Interested to know how to make shoes non slip permanently? Well, traction spray is the secret weapon as it’s an inexpensive option to create an anti-slip shoe. You just have to spray a little on the shoe base, and it will make your footwear non-slippery quickly.

Many people prefer this spray because it’s more effective than expensive grip pads. So, all we can say is that this traction spray is worth every penny to make your desired shoes slip-resistant. It’s because the adhesive particles get absorbed in the smooth areas of the boots and make you feel super comfortable in wet places.

Attach Non-Slip Soles

Non-slip soles are one of the best solutions to avoid any mishap on slippery surfaces. Just attach the non-slip sole on the outer part of the shoes and then wear them for a long time. You must know that it’s the most effective technique to make your shoes anti-slip.

Moreover, the gripping soles prevent abrupt skids and wear and tear of the shoe base. It means you get two great benefits with one non-slip sole. Besides, you might also need some glue to attach the sole correctly and firmly. Once the adhesive gets dried, it will keep your shoes in tiptop condition for many years.   

Take An Ankle Strap

Here is another method on how to make shoes non slip with an ankle strap. Well, the straps not only give you the liberty to walk with style but also keep the base of the sole firm. Other than that, they come in handy when you don’t want to make some serious efforts to make your shoe anti-slip.

You can just choose your favorite color and design of the strap and then insert it in the shoe. With ankle straps, you can walk like a boss on greasy surfaces. At the same time, it provides support and comfort to your feet.                              

Score The Soles

For scoring the soles of your shoes, you can simply use a nail filer. Every home has nail files, so you won’t have to spend anything additional in this case. To be more specific, metal nail files are preferred over plastic files for a single scoring of soles.

Furthermore, you can even use emery coated wooden file for scuffing the base of the shoe. The scoring of soles will be more impressive if you spend some time completing the whole process. Only then will your shoes be slip-resistant.

Get Rubber Salt And Glue

You might contemplate before using this fantastic lifehack but believe us, it will make your shoes anti-slip in no time. First, you have to sprinkle some salt on the bottom of the shoe. Then rub it on your shoes for a while.

After that, you can use a tiny amount of glue so that the sole gets sticky. When the glue gets dry, you can reapply the salt after few minutes. In this way, you will get premium anti-slip shoes for performing any outdoor activity.

Use Puff Paints

Puff paints are best to transform your ordinary-looking footwear into non-slipping shoes. If you have no idea what puff paints are, then let us tell you about that first. Actually, they are widely used in crafting, especially kids use them during their paintwork.

Coming back to their use on shoes, you can apply a thin layer of these paints on your shoe surface or on the sides of the soles. Afterward, you should wait for few hours so that puff paints would stick to the soles correctly. Then you can wear your shoes and walk on any type of surface without any worry.

Adhesive Bandages

While all the methods work on the outer surface of the shoes, we have got you some adhesive bandages that are best for the interior side. The interesting fact is that you can attach these bandages to any type of shoes and then adjust your feet according to them.

The adhesive bandages support you when you walk on wet and slippery surfaces. Besides, they are cheap, and everyone can always carry them in their wallet. Whenever you are running out of time, you just have to get the bandage and paste it on the inner side of your shoes.

Bonus Tips To Prevent Abrupt Falls

If you still are not satisfied, then here are some bonus tips on how to make shoes non slip. So, let’s dive right into it!

  • Masking tape can be a better alternative to boost the grip of your shoes. It prevents you from tumbling on wet surfaces.
  • You can also use a knife to score the sole of your shoe quickly. Moreover, it can be done immediately at home.
  • Another option is that you can attach thick sands to the base of the shoe. Make sure to also apply a suitable adhesive on the sole that helps to connect the sands firmly.
  • Lastly, you can also use sticky paper to fulfill your purpose of making shoes anti-slip. Not to forget, it’s a handy and cheap tip to follow.


Summing up, you can get your hands on these methods and easy tips to make your shoes non slip. Undoubtedly, these hacks give impressive results and take a tiny amount of time from your busy routines.

Every method described above solves your problem and doesn’t put a burden on your pocket. So, it totally depends on your choice that which way you will use in the future. Despite these tips and tricks, you must pay attention while walking to avoid any injury.  It’s the only way to reduce the chances of unfortunate falling.

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