How to Fix Flat feet? 5 Best Methods to Correct Flat Feet

Nowadays the problem which usually arises in all types of ages is flat feet problem, with this issue many different difficulties are created. In this article, we cover all the aspects of flat feet, like what they are, symptoms of flat feet, its causes, and also explain that how to fix flat feet.

So by reading the full article, you will be able to learn all about flat feet .firstly we discuss actually what are flat feet?

What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet is a problem in which feet have no arch in the lower side of the sole, mean to say when you stand and you feel that your feet are straight on the surface then this thing leads to the issue of flat feet. In the flat feet problem, the level of the feet is the same as that of the surface of the ground,

This problem in children is considered to be normal because with time things are changed. In the modern period where many solutions are present to solve complicated things there flat feet issue also will be treated with different techniques.

As there are different reasons for flat feet, so there are also different methods to cure this problem. Now definitely you learned that what flat feet are.

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what are flat feet

Symptoms of Flat Feet

There is always remains the problem that how someone recognized the symptom of flat feet. Because in most cases people feel no pain are other related issues.

There are given some symptoms of flat feet. By knowing these you will learn about symptoms of flat feet.

  1. The first and main is swelling of feet.
  2. Facing problems while walking or running.
  3. You may feel pain in the lower part of the feet while wearing a high heel.
  4. There is another issue which you can face is the stretches in Achilles.
  5. So these are all the main symptoms of flat feet. By these, you can easily recognize the flat feet issue.

Now before we talk about that how to fix the flat feet we first want to tell you that how someone distinguishes between normal and flat feet. As we explain above that flat feet have no arch on the lower part of the feet, but normal feet have an arch. So by this, you can know about the flat feet.

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Causes of Flat Feet?

let’s have an overview of what actually causes flat feet. There are many things that lead to flat feet. There are the following causes of flat feet.


Overweight create the problem of flat feet. It often occurs in adults, because of overuse, overstretching, harm to the posterior tibial tendon. And these things lead to the calf muscle and finally reach an arch problem.

The tendon is a very important tissue of the posterior tibial, and overstretching occur because of overweight and it leads to the problem.

Bone deformation

Because of bone deformation inflexible, rigid flat feet occur. the bone deformity is due to injury and it did not treat by any type of activity, because underneath the foot shape not change.

The causes of bone deformity are due to diseases like inflammatory arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Tight tendons

Another cause of flat feet is the tight tendon. usually, it happens due to congenital, mean from birth tight tendon exert pressure on the foot and prevent the springy arch from growing.

The Achilles tendon muscle connects the calf muscle to the heel. because of its tightness, the heel feels a problem during walking and causing pain in the foot.

Muscle diseases

Another cause of flat feet is muscle diseases, like cerebral palsy,spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, etc. because of these problems flat feet maybe occur.

There are many critical conditions by which you can face this problem like the tarsal coalition. In this condition bones of the foot fuse together and then this type of condition creates the problem of flat feet.

Developmental faults

Flat feet may also occur due to some developmental faults, and this is diagnosed with age. So this is maybe cured with age. Due to diabetes, the problem of flat feet occurs.

How to fix flat feet?         

Before we talk about that how to fix flat feet we first want to define the flat feet. Flat feet are recognized as when people have no arch, or we say that absence of arch in the sole, due to this people have flat feet.

According to experts generally, flat feet required no treatment because they are painless. If someone feels problems then it becomes necessary to diagnose them. Under the age of 5 years having flat feet is considered to be normal. There are some ways to fix flat feet.

1. By excercising

You can fix your flat feet by doing different exercises. In which the main exercises are included like releasing, stretches, etc.

In releasing place your foot on a massage ball and then put pressure and move your foot up to around1-2 minutes in the up-down direction. Similarly, by doing another exercise you can fix flat feet.

2. By losing weight

To fix a flat feet you need to reduce your weight first it because overweight increase the problem. So you can fix your flat feet.  By doing this blood flow rises, and reduces the pressure of the bones, tendons, and ligaments of your feet.

By losing weight you can’t completely set your flat feet but to better it to some extent.

3. Supportive shoes

By wearing supportive shoes you can also reduce the chances of pain. Because by this you provide relief to your leg back and foot. So always prefer comfortable walking supportive shoes.

Avoid shoes with high heels. Because by wearing heels higher than creating the problem.because supporting your arches there are fewer chances of tension in the Achilles tendons and posterior tibial.

4. Consult to physiotherapist

You can fix your flat feet also by consulting your physiotherapist. It why because he deals with you better than how to do exercises for your feet. He described specific exercises for your feet like calf muscles, Achilles tendons that help to recover your arch and make it more workable.

5. Foot specialist

By consulting a foot specialist you can fix your flat feet in better ways. A podiatrist will test your foot properly and inform you that what the actual problem is, hereditary or as an adult. He may be asked you for other important tests like any bone trauma or displacements maybe with the help of an x-ray.


In this article, we talk about the flat feet causes and also that how to fix flat feet. we try to explain each and everything related to flat feet causes and for its fix issues. we hope you get much information from this article.

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